A peaceful period

Isn’t an oxymoron. Autumn is a platform aimed at creating a community of people who believe the same. We have been building autumn to enable women to come together and get their menstrual health right. Be one of the many beautiful people to experience the first version of autumn by filling in your e-mail address.

Take a chill pill
We are in this together. Explore discussions on how people in the community deal with specific issues or share your own experience about what worked for you. All of this with a song playing for you in the background. You won’t be disappointed with the variety of topics and music we have curated to keep you informed, relaxed and entertained.
It’s okay if you slept in biology classes at school
Autumn provides an ocean of topics that you can read about, be ready to be shocked or perhaps woke. We promise to bring to you articles verified by medical professionals on all the assorted topics you could possibly think of.
Know when it is autumn for you
Get notified about your next cycle to be prepared in time, with Autumn you get a really clean interface to keep track of your cycles along with saving yourself from a tiny bit of cognitive load.